Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Julie's Craft Decathlon

I recently attended an all-day craft decathlon in honour of the Olympic games, and organised by Julie Kettlewell in Pudsey.  We completed 10 events - cards and 3d projects - over the day and each won ourselves a chocolate gold medal.  It was a really great day, complete with lunch and cupcakes, and thankfully plenty of tea, to get us through the events!

Below are pictures of my favourite project of the day - a very fancy fold out card - which I will definitely be replicating for those extra special occasions when a little more effort is required!

The card is made from 1 sheet of 12"x12" card, scored and folded and decorated with scraps of patterned paper (in this example we've used the yummy Sweet Shop designer series papers).  I love how it opens out to reveal the message hidden among all the cakes and sweets!

Do you want to have a go at making this card yourself?  If so, come along to the monthly card class at Dock Street Market in Leeds next Tuesday 24 July where Alex Spence will show us how it's done. I'm going along for extra practice, so see you there!

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